jokedao faq

what is jokedao? what is the *jokerace*? what are the jokenomics? and how does it all transform what's possible for grants, content, roadmaps, and creating DAOs in web3?

we put together a FAQ of everything you need to know.

what is jokedao?

jokedao is bottom-up, on-chain governance for communities to submit entries and vote on favorites.

instead of central teams putting proposals to their community, communities vote on their own ideas.

it's actual decentralized governance.

what can jokedao be used for?

you can use us for hackathons, grants, endorsements, bounties, user-generated roadmaps, generating ideas, curation, contests, and giveaways.

or if you're a content creator, your fans can submit and vote on the content they want you to make.

what's the relationship between jokedao and the jokerace?

jokedao = community building bottom-up, on-chain governance platform (aka jokedao contests)
$JOKE = token of jokedao

jokerace = contest held on jokedao's platform
joke NFTs = token of jokerace

(see jokerace faq below)

how do i get $JOKE?

you can win $JOKE by playing the jokerace or get it on by inputting the token address.

eth: 0xa973c558265ad458031fa3067071646836df7713
polygon: 0x59e36d05E47BF17Eb5753aA1F04b2164f1606A45

jokerace nfts:

what are the jokenomics?

$JOKE lets you vote in jokeraces, propose and vote on new jokedao features, govern jokedao's treasury, and delegate to workers.

joke NFTs let you govern the jokerace and jokerace treasury of eth & NFTs. each can veto the other.

how do contests work?

during the submission period, just tap "submit" to submit an entry.

then during the voting period, just tap the votes counter to add votes.

each entry is also a stand-alone page you can tap to get info on voters.

how do i set up a contest?

just go to "create contest" on our site.

you can set up the rules for submissions and voting, mint a voting token, and airdrop it to your community.

watch a demo here on how to mint a token and create a contest.

watch a demo here on how to airdrop tokens.

and watch a demo here on how to add a rewards pool to reward winners.

how do submissions work?

you can set the submission period for whenever you like.

during that time, anyone can submit entries responding to a prompt—including links to pics and tweets that we render.

let anyone submit—or require them to have a minimum number of your tokens.

how does voting work?

voting starts when submissions end, and you can set voting to end whenever you like.

we'll be enabling a number of ways to handle voting power, including 1 vote per token, vote decay over time, quadratic voting, etc.

voting is done with a voting token.

how do voting tokens work?

voting tokens need to be compatible with our smart contracts, so we recommend minting them on our site.

airdrop to your token holders for one-time use—or make them your official token to use in future contests.

you can make them non-transferable too.

how do rewards work?

you can reward the winners by adding a rewards pool.

just pick the token they’ll receive and how much each gets.

you’ll set up a rewards pool that you—and anyone—can fund with any token on the same chain as the contest.

rewards will be distributed proportionately to the winners according to the allocations you set at the start.

which chains are supported?

tokens and contests are smart contracts you can deploy to any EVM-compatible chain.

including polygon, optimism, arbitrum, ethereum, etc.

if my token is on eth or another chain, can i still use jokedao for on-chain governance?


here it gets fun: mint a voting token on any supported chain and airdrop to your holders.

they can participate for cheap without even knowing they're using a voting token.

what if i want to propose the entries and have others vote?

mint a voting token and keep most of it for yourself.

then set a high number for tokens required to submit.

and now *only you* have enough tokens to submit entries.

what are the benefits of on-chain governance?

on-chain governance lets you:

~ permissionlessly analyze data
~ enable rewards
~ create automatic transactions (ie winning entry receives a reward)
~ map contribution to wallets
~ determine voting power based on on-chain activity

how can i use jokedao to start a DAO?

lots of ways!

one option is to have people join a guild, then use coinvise and the guild exporter to airdrop them a token.

let them pitch and vote on ideas.

now you have a token and shared objective—you have a DAO.

how can i use jokedao as a content creator?

share a voting token with fans, and hold contests on your content.

what articles should you write? which guests for your podcast? what videos should you make?

fans are incentivized to get your token to have greater say.

how can i use jokedao for grants?

let anyone submit proposals—your community can vote on favorites.

instead of approving grants yes/no, you can allocate funds to the ones your community cares about most.

we're building more tools for commenting, forking, and reviewing too.

how can i use jokedao for editing proposals?

often proposals lose support because communities disagree about details (budget, timeline, etc.).

hold a "drafts contest" for community to make and vote on different versions of a proposal—to see which goes to the next round.

see makerdao’s proposal for using jokedao for this purpose here.

how can i use jokedao for curation?

you could have a festival where creators submit music or films and attendees vote on favorites to get a prize.

or you could have a contest for a new logo or design—and the top one gets minted as an NFT.

the options are endless.

how can i use jokedao for games?

our secret is that jokedao is designed as a game with two variables: the number of points you have (your votes), and the time remaining to submit and to vote.

you can have teams compete to vote on options for rewards.

how do i join jokedao?

join our telegram (link in bio) to get the latest updates and sneak peaks at upcoming features.

acquiring $JOKE lets you vote on features in the future.

collect a joke NFT and join at to command the jokerace and its treasury.

who is jokedao?

jokedao is composed of a community of enthusiasts with a rotating multisig and three core contributors as of july 2022:

David Phelps (design, marketing, and BD)

Sean McCaffery (smart contract engineer)

Naomi Hauret (frontend design and engineer)

jokerace faq

what's the jokerace?

the jokerace is our proof-of-concept: a weekly contest for, yes, jokes.

it's also a project building out its own treasury. winning entries are minted as NFTs, and voters on the winning option win in-game rewards.

how does the jokerace work?

you get 1 vote every week for each $JOKE you hold.

your aim is to vote on the winner, but the winning rank changes each week and might be 2nd place, 3rd place, last place, etc.

what are the rewards?

if you vote on the winning rank, you'll win more $JOKE, proportionate to your votes.

if you submit the winning joke, it will be minted as an nft with 20% to the joker (you!), 20% to charity, and 60% to jokedao.

one nft is sold each week on tuesdays. if an nft is sold one week, the next goes up 30% in price the following week; if it’s not sold, the next goes down to the previous winning price.

do i need to submit a joke to play the jokerace?

absolutely not. to play the jokerace, you just need $JOKE, which you can get on uniswap on eth or polygon.

and preferably a team—so that you can work together to win the #2 joke.

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