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jokerace v3: welcome to the post-token future

Back in those bygone days of 2022, we had little more than a few jokes and a dream: a dream to bring submissions and voting to a woebegone populace—

announcing... jokerace

Buckle up.

jokedao faq

jk labs inc
October 03
what is jokedao? what is the \*jokerace\*? what are the jokenomics? and how does it all transform what's possible for grants, content, roadmaps, and creating DAOs in web3?


Now that the joke is real, it’s time to get real about $JOKE.

jokedao gets serious

jk labs inc
March 25
The time has come for us to explain the joke.

it's time to joke

jk labs inc
February 20
It’s Time to Joke.